Florida Worship Choir & Orchestra


The Florida Worship Choir and Orchestra exist to provide opportunities for singers and musicians to experience great worship, and to lead others into the very presence of God. 600 members of this choir and orchestra are worship pastors, senior pastors, choir/orchestra members, and praise team/praise band members from over 300 churches in Florida.
This team has recorded and produced three choir/orchestra worship collections; GOD OF THE AGES, GREAT I AM, and will premiere ALMIGHTY GOD in January of 2014. These collections were published by Prism Music and arranged by Mark Bovee.
In addition to leading worship concerts in churches all over Florida, they have also performed worship concerts at the Sydney Opera House in Sydney, Australia; Bern, Switzerland; Coventry, England, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and will be performing at Carnegie Hall, NY in June 2014.
The Florida Worship Choir & Orchestra is led by Terry Williams. He has served as Team Strategist of Music and Worship Ministries at the Florida Baptist Convention since 2002. His passion for worship combined with his experience as a worship leader for over 35 years gives him a unique perspective and insight for training and inspiring today’s worshipers. Terry and his wife Earlene live in Ocala, FL and have two children and five grandchildren.

Each year, the choir and orchestra meet to fellowship, rehearse and present three to four worship concerts held at churches and statewide functions including the Florida Baptist State Convention. A two-day retreat in January of every year provides an opportunity to rehearse the new season's repertoire as well as have a time of fellowship, encouragement, and inspiration. The only other rehearsal times are on the day of each concert.  

  • Cost for membership in the choir is $35 per year. There are no audition requirements to join.
  • Cost for the annual retreat is an additional $35.  Attendance at the retreat is optional.
  • Members are responsible for their own transportation, meals and lodging whenever the choir meets.
  • Members are also responsible for concert attire. Men wear a black suit with a black & white striped dress shirt with black undershirt (purchased through Music & Worship Ministries), OR  for more casual concerts, a black polo with blue jeans. The dress shirt combo costs $38. Please provide your dress shirt size (neck and sleeve length) and your t-shirt size (S, M, L, etc.). The polo with logo is $15-18 depending on size and can be ordered from Music & Worship Ministries. Sizes are Men's S, M, L, XL, 1X, etc.  
    Women wear a floor-length black skirt and a black top. Skirts can be your own personal purchase. Tops must be purchased through the Music & Worship Ministries Department at the Florida Baptist Convention. Please call Cindy at 1-800-226-8584, ext 3062 to order or email her at cmartin@flbaptist.org. Cost is $60-65 for the top depending on size. See order form below. Please provide your size (S, M, L, XL, 1X, 2X, etc.). For more casual concerts, the women wear a black polo with blue jeans that the men wear. The polo with logo is $15-18 depending on size and can be ordered from Music & Worship Ministries. Sizes are Women's S, M, L, XL, 1X, etc.

    In order to register, please DOWNLOAD the registration form below, fill it out and either fax it or mail it to us. The address is on the form.

    Please use the links below or contact us for more information!

September 3 (Wednesday) - Experience Concert - Disneyworld (See registration info below)
November 10 - Florida Baptist State Convention - First Church at the Mall, Lakeland


January 22-23 - Annual Retreat and Concert, Jacksonville